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vegeTable® "grow your lifestyle"

vegeTable® is a ready-made vegetable garden for vegetables or seed plants. It is suitable both for a home terrace, or balcony,  or even in  an area of  your firm, where there are not enough green areas or suitable ones to cultivate soil.

Urban vegetable gardens: experience, leisure, self care and healthy food.

Green Urban areas (both public and private ones) are more and more used to produce  fruits and vegetables on a family-bases. Since ancient times, man has cultivated soil as a very innate activity.

This is a multi-level activity: therapeutic, cultural and social at the same time. It brings people together, it makes people conscious and at the same time makes fresh food and locals products available! vegeTable® has been designed to make cultivation easy for all.

It is a modular system ideal for small communities, areas not  suitable to horticulture, terraces or paved areas, and even  for temporary installations.

The supporting structure is made in powder coated carbon steel and  is very resistant to corrosion.

The external cover is made of non chemically treated larch wood, imported from sustainable  and PEFC certified forests. The soil container bag is made from PVC, an elastic, strong and not-toxic material.

Special heat sealed drain plugs guarantee the correct water drainage. The height is adjustable, to work in absolute comfort  and the large wheels  guarantee smooth mobility on any surface. All the exposed screws are made from stainless steel.

vegeTable® comes in a compact packaging, made from recycled cardboard and it is delivered inside a bag with handles  which will be used to hold the fertile soil.